Police Towing & Release Proceedure

Tip Top Tow Service provides towing and storage services for many area police departments. Each department has unique vehicle release requirements so we strongly encourage you to call the appropriate police department BEFORE coming to our facility to recover you vehicle.

If your car was towed by Santa Monica PD, Please Contact:
Santa Monica Police Department
333 Olympic Blvd
Santa Monica,CA 90404
310 458-8495

If your car was towed by Beverly Hills PD, Please Call:
Beverly Hills Police Department
464 N. Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills, Ca 90210
310 550-4951

If your car was towed by the California Highway Patrol, Please Contact:
California Highway Patrol
6300 Bristol Park Way
Culver City ,Ca 90230
310 642-3939

We ask you contact the involved department before coming to our facility to save you time as they may have additional release requirements you must meet before we can legally release the vehicle to its registered owner.